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Кай life throws you a lemon, you don’t sulk, complain or feel sorry for yourself. Instead, you just make lemonadeYou make the most of the situation that is handed to you, just as Stephen Hawking has done in his умр of accomplishments, achievements and deeds while being severely маъюбон.

Mr. Hawking is an extraordinary human being who defeated all odds and stood his ground in maintaining his sense of humor and integrity, despite his physical limitationsSociety puts him in the same category as Albert Einstein and Isaac Нютон for his knowledge and experience in Physics, Mathematics and CosmologyHe is a man defined not only by his маъюбӣ, but by his accomplishments and his contributions to science.

Солҳои аввали

Stephen Hawking is a Physics professor at Cambridge University, located in Cambridge, England. His expertise and passion dwells in that of Cosmology, the study of the universe. He was born during World War II, and given the name of Stephen William Hawking on January 8, 1942 in Oxford England. Although it was his father’s dream for his son to become a doctor like himself, Stephen chose not to follow in his father’s footsteps for his love was in Mathematics, Physics, Science and Astronomy.

As a boy growing up, he was enrolled at St. Albans at the age of eleven. Though today, he is noted for his work as a researcher, which details a lot of reading and analyzing, as a child Stephen’s reading was at a low level. He found it to be more satisfying trying to figure out how things work, than it was reading text books. Figuring things out on his own opened doors that put him on his career path.

The Incurable Disease

Stephen admits that as a child his first challenge was that of being physically uncoordinated. This physical problem led him to shy away from activities dealing with sports. However, the minor set back did not keep him from entering competitions in rowing and coxing at the age of seventeen. It was at the age of twenty-one that he began noticing some more changes in his coordination, more accidents would occur, like falling for no apparent reason.

After many tests and hospital visits, he was diagnosed with an incurable disease that would eventually leave him permanently маъюбон. Today he lives his зиндагӣ confined to a аробача and speaking through a voice synthesizer, because the disease has claimed his voice and destroyed the muscles in his body, which leaves him paralyzed. The incurable disease that has taken over his body is Lou Gehrig’s disease, or ALS as it is sometimes called.

His Published Works

The defining man not only loves doing research, giving lectures and interviews. He has a passion for writing as well. He is an author whose contributions include book publications and essays. His first book published is entitled: Таърихи мухтасари вақт which was followed by two more published works: Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays. 

Another book was published in 2001 entitled Олам дар як хулоса. All of which, shows his enthusiasm and interest in Cosmology. Mr. Hawking has proven that he is unstoppable, even in a аробача.


Hawking is a man of integrity, strength and determination. He is also humble, because regardless of his accomplishments while living with his маъюбӣ, he still claims that he is no genius. Though in a аробача, Hawking is married and has a family. Besides his accomplishments in research, he has won recognition for being on TV Programs such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and being entertained at the White House.

With all the things that this man has accomplished, it goes to show that a маъюбӣ may slow you down and interrupt your зиндагӣ, but it doesn’t have to mean that your зиндагӣ ин аст over. You can still do great things and prove your worth.

Below are lists of links that will lead to interesting reading on the зиндагӣ and accomplishments of Stephen William Hawking, the man who didn’t let being маъюбон stop him from living.

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